Welshpool (VIC)

The Welshpool Rural Transaction Centre published a community newsletter to keep the community informed and felt that a community website at www.welshpool.vic.au was a natural progression of this process.  "Keeping the community informed has always been one of our priorities," says Kerry Pinzone, Manager of the Welshpool Rural Transaction Centre.

Kerry adds: "Other people in the community, especially the business people, were quite keen to have the website up and running as it gave them a chance to promote our area.  Volunteers were also very interested in giving their time to developing the project.  We were very fortunate in that we had a person who was willing to oversee the building of the site and is willing to teach others how to keep the site up to date."

"We found our application went quite smoothly and we were very pleased with the help we received with our application.  The help from the CGDN website was invaluable.  We were able to look up other community websites and even though we designed our site to suit our district we were able to get many ideas of what to do and not to do from other sites."