Condobolin (NSW)

Type of Location:

 Located in the Heart of New South Wales, Condobolin is a major wheat, sheep and cattle producing part of Australia withagriculture being the central industry. With its unspoiled lakes and bird sanctuaries Condobolin is a natural paradise for campers and fisherman.

Condobolin is well known in recent times as the birthplace of Shannon Noll who shot to fame after becoming runner up in the first Australian Idol competition.

Population:    3,131 (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census)


Major Industries:   

Agriculture is the dominant industry - grains and livestock employs 1100 people. Retail, health, community services and education employ over 1000 people combined. Business, construction and mining employ around 280.

Applicant Organisation:  Western Plains Regional Development Inc.


The Western Plains Regional Development Inc applied for use of the Condobolin domain name in July 2008. The aim of the community website is to support local business and services while promoting tourism in the area.

The Condobolin community website includes local news, events calendar, job vacancies and much information on things to do and accommodation within the region.

What they say:     

Wendy Norris of the Western Plains Regional Development Inc comments: "The benefit of having a Community Geographic Domain Name is that it puts our town on the web, promotes tourism and local businesses while bringing a sense of community pride."

"Our most popular page at the moment is the events page. This is largely due to greater tourism in the summer period and school holidays with families looking to entertain."

"Since our launch in late 2008, we have had contact from authors, tourists and people after more information on our town. We have also had many congratulatory emails from other CGDN web users."

"At the beginning of December not long after our Launch, we had contact from a film director associated with the Waratah Fencing Company, seeking locations for country imaging and filming for a new advertisement. We have also had coastal people looking for a Tree Change by browsing our Job Vacancies pages and also enquiries from interstate browsers," said Ms Norris.