Buderim (QLD)


Type of Location:  Buderim is located in the centre of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, 10 minutes away from world class beaches such as Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

Situated on a volcanic plateau, Buderim is 600ft above the Pacific Ocean and enjoys a mild climate all year round. In line with the Sea change phenomenon, Buderim has seen a large population growth in recent years and has become a popular tourist destination.

Buderim Waterfall

Population:   34,454 (2006 Census; Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Major Industries:  On settlement, Buderim was seen as a resource for timber getters with vast amounts of Beech and Cedar growing across the mountain. Once the land was cleared, the rich volcanic soil allowed the harvesting of many crops, of which ginger is the most notable. In the mid 1900s, the largest ginger processing facility in the southern hemisphere was built and operated until the factory was relocated to Yandina. In recent years, due to the growth in real estate prices, much land has been developed for housing estates.

Applicant Organisation:  Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA)

Synopsis:  After Buderim community member Steve Chellingworth heard about the Community Geographic Domain Name initiative in March 2008, the use of the www.buderim.qld.au domain name was registered by the Buderim War Memorial Community Association. The website was created on behalf of the Buderim community with the goal to preserve the values of the Buderim community in the face of the large population increase from the Sea Change phenomenon.

The Buderim website was launched at www.buderim.qld.au October 2008. The site includes a detailed guide to the Must See tourist destinations in the area, business directory, history and events section.  The website features a ‘Where to stay’ section for tourists, and popular games page.

The visitor rate to the site is enormous, averaging 20,000 people (not hits) per month. The most popular areas on the sight are the ‘Must See Places’ and information regarding schools and outdoor weddings in the community.

Steve Chellingworth of www.buderim.qld.au comments: "Buderim is a very pleasant place in Australia and people want to live here. They are interested in the quality of schools and of course want to discover the places to see."

What they say:  In its short time online, the Buderim website has provided a plethora of benefits for the Buderim community with the website administrators constantly answering phone calls and emails from people interested in their beautiful town.

Steve Chellingworth comments: "These have ranged from a person wanting advice on the best way to get to a funeral in Buderim from New Zealand to details on forthcoming events, we even had someone from England trying to contact a long lost relative (yes we found him for them!)."

"A very heart warming story is of a family who were coming to Australia, saw the web site and decided to check the place out. They went to the Australia Day celebrations here, fell in love with the place and the father took on the vacant position of Group Leader for the Buderim Scout Group, doing great work in the community."

Advice for other communities:  "We feel you need a dedicated someone or a group who will be the engine. They need the technical skills, time and vision. Most people are not so keen to be involved, but are most appreciative of the effort you put in."

"My advice is, focus on creating a site which talks about events, the places to see, the key organisations first. Build outwards from this point."
"Volunteer effort and key sponsorship will be the foundation on which your efforts will be built."