Bowraville (NSW)

Type of Location:  Half way between Brisbane and Sydney, against the backdrop of the spectacular forest landscape, lays the small country town of Bowraville (Bowra). Roughly 17 km from Nambucca Heads, the town radiates that old world charm visible in the unique streetscape and architecture largely contributed to by the timber industry that developed Bowraville.

With a rich mix of Aboriginal and European history and cultures, Bowraville is home to many attractions including the beautifully restored historical theatre in the main street and the popular horse track that hosts the Bowra Cup.

Bowraville Town

Population:    1,322 (2006 Census) 16.7% are Indigenous Australians, compared with 2.3% Indigenous persons in Australia.

Major Industries:     In the early years of its existence, Bowraville was primarily a timber town. With the decline of the timber industry in recent years, the region has seen the expansion of agricultural activities with beef cattle emerging in addition to the traditional dairy farming. The area has also seen the growth of macadamia farms, avocado growers, agro forestry, bush foods, Alpacas and organic vegetables.

Applicant Organisation:    Bowraville Technology Centre

Synopsis:  After hearing about the Community Geographic Domain Name initiative, members of the Bowraville Technology Centre decided to apply for with the hopes of promoting the town and attracting more visitors. Since its launch, the Bowraville Community Website has provided a wealth of benefits to the local community including a Tourism Project funded by the State Government, a proposed Economic Development Plan and the creation of an eCommerce facility to sell tickets to community events.

The Bowraville website was launched to the community on the 16th September 2008. The site includes a detailed history of Bowraville, business directory, tourism attractions, events and the impressive ‘BowraCam’ - a fundraising effort to refurbish the town clocks brought enough money to install Internet cameras in the Clock Tower. With two cameras facing north and south, images of the town are loaded onto the website every thirty seconds. People can get online and view Bowraville from anywhere in the world.

What they say:  "The new interactive website provides extensive information highlighting the local area to potential tourists, businesses and the wider community and provides an effective means of encouraging communication."

"The Bowraville Technology Centre will continue to develop and manage the site introducing new and exciting content in the near future, including an eCommerce portal to create greater market exposure for local businesses."

Robynne also hopes that all Bowraville businesses, organisations and community groups will support and utilise the website to advertise and promote their activities, services and events.

Advice to other Communities:

"Persevere with the paperwork."
"Don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take to keep the site fresh."
"Have backups to the people who develop the site as community volunteers move on fairly frequently."