Volunteering gives individuals a way to express their generosity and give back to their community.  Volunteers are the backbone of local arts, community and sporting activities.  Many CGDN community groups are using their websites to promote volunteering in their communities.

www.eden.nsw.au has a Volunteers Voice section on their website to inform people of the volunteering opportunities available in their town.  Participating organisations have their profiles on the site.

www.byronbay.nsw.au provides an online form for organisations seeking volunteers, which then appears on the Volunteers Wanted noticeboard.  Volunteers can join in by completing an online application form, with their expertise and interests, to help match them with an organisation.

www.toongabbie.vic.au is encouraging website visitors to "get involved in your town".  The Community page lists local clubs and groups seeking volunteers, with contact links.  The town of Toongabbie has a strong and committed community, but their volunteer network is dwindling.   The website is being used to promote awareness of volunteering opportunities and boost volunteer numbers.