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Picture Australia is an online portal to over 50 digitised pictorial collections from Australian and international libraries, museums, galleries and archives, incorporating over 1.7 million historical and contemporary images. For example a search for "Holbrook” retrieves more than 100 images, with subjects ranging from farming, military and early town development.

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Many of the images available through Picture Australia are suitable for web use and their participating organisations are eager to assist groups using a Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN) by providing image use with free or minimal copyright fees. The 'request a copy' link below each thumbnail image in Picture Australia allows access to the relevant contact details for each of these organisations. You will need to let these agencies know that you are from a CGDN group to attract the free or minimal copyright fee.

'Picture Australia: Ourtown' is seeking your perspective on Australia's rural and urban spaces and work places. Assist us to keep the national collection current by taking contemporary location shots of historical images already in Picture Australia and add them to the collection via www.flickr.com. To comply with Flickr's Community guidelines group members can only share photos that they themselves have taken.


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Alternatively, contact Picture Australia via submiting your query, request, comment, or information at - Contact Picture Australia or Tel: (02) 6262 1641