Communities celebrating communities

The town of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.  Local residents were acknowledged, honoured and celebrated during the year-long festival of events.  The community site at published profiles of 'Living Legends' who were born or living in Buderim prior to the end of 1945 and still live in the area.

Buderim has traditionally had an older population and the Internet was not a big focus.  However, web manager Steve Chellingworth reports that Buderim's fastest growing demographic is aged 30-40 with children: "The Internet is growing in value in the community every day.  We combine with and a page at www.facebook/buderimcommunity to send information about community events and other important news all the time."


On and sites, both towns incorporate a 'people' section which celebrates exceptional members of their community. These CGDN websites allow a channel to celebrate and recognise the efforts of people who are giving back to their community.


Every year, the Greenethorpe community in New South Wales commemorates Anzac Day by adding a photo and biography to the wall of their Soldiers' Memorial Hall and to the website.

The birthdays of Greenethorpe residents are published in the community newsletter each month, which is available on the website at