Inglewood - antique and collectibles haven - latest to launch


Visit Inglewood's new home on the net!

Inglewood is one of the latest Australian communities to get their new geographic home on the net at  

 Murray Baud from the Inglewood Development and Tourism Committee says "Inglewood is a small town steeped in gold history, with magnificent building architecture and homes representing the wealth from those days.   Moving along in time,  the Inglewood district progressed through dry land farming and is the focus of the “blue eucalyptus” oil industry, with a new museum paying tribute to that industry.  Increasingly a dormitory town for nearby Bendigo, Inglewood is maintaining its independence and gaining a reputation as an “antiques and collectibles” haven, as well as continuing to service the farming community.     

The community website will increasingly be the centre for the towns web presence and marketing."


Inglewood is located 45km to the North West of Bendigo on the Calder Highway, in Central Victoria.  To learn more about this town, visit them at