Lord Howe Island (NSW)



Type of Location: An Island situated in the South Pacific Ocean that has world heritage listing and was declared a State Marine Park in 1998 and a Commonwealth marine park in 1999.

Population: 347 (2006 Census)

Major Industries: Predominantly tourist industry with almost all of the island residents employed in this industry.


  Lord Howe Island: World Heritage Site 

Applicant Organisation: Lord Howe Island Tourism Association Inc.

Synopsis: Lord Howe Island, like so many other areas across Australia, is home to a remote community whose tourism and ecology industry is its lifeblood. It is hoped that their new Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN) will aid its future flow of visitors as well as uniting the islands 350 permanent residents. Having world heritage status, and an exceptional biodiversity, the island attracts the interest of scientists worldwide as well as a steady stream of intrigued tourists. Under these circumstances Lord Howe Island quickly understood the benefits of attributing its CGDN to its existing website.

What they say: “The main challenge was gathering information about the business side of the submission as the people with this information were quite busy and a new treasurer had just taken over the position. Also the requirement to prove our bona fides as representative of the community took a few weeks to establish”.

“It’s well worth the effort of having a CGDN, and a definite gain to have your community out their in the online world. Although the benefits may not be apparent for a few years it’s the way of the future. Importantly it’s an initiative that will bear fruit in the coming years when community domain names become common and understood. For a remote community this is a big plus”. Colin Oriti – Webmaster, Lord Howe Island Community Website