Casino (NSW)

Type of Location:

Amongst the beautiful green pastures of the north coast of NSW, Casino is a thriving rural centre, 726 km north of Sydney. Famous for its beef week, centred around the area's most important industry, visitors to Casino can enjoy the beautiful landscape, aboriginal rock engravings, Casino markets and laid back lifestyle the town offers.


 image of mural from Casino NSW

Population: 10,500 (2006 Census Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Major Industries: The main industry of employment in the Casino area is Meat and Meat product Manufacturing.  Other major employers include hospitality and education

Applicant Organisation:      Buyinbin Aboriginal Corporation Inc.

Synopsis: Launched in November 2008, the Casino community website has become a valuable resource for visitors and the local community. The site was developed to encourage greater cooperation between the Aboriginal and wider community and to act as an all encompassing voice of the NSW town. includes local news, events calendar, community and business directories and low cost websites for local organisations and businesses. The website acts as a platform to promote the town's famous Beef Week festival to the world.
What they say:  "The benefit of a community website is in bringing all community information under the one website. Another benefit is in creating a sense of community by having community group pages, school students involved and photos."

"Our strategy is to work towards being sustainable by keeping me employed at least 2 days a week and keep the site up to date and growing. We aim to do this by publishing as much local content as possible; by conducting community and business seminars on how to use the site and explain the site’s benefits and to sell listings."

"I will also be working with local students to have them create content and help community organisations to create their pages."

"Content additions will include an updated tourism directory, information on computers and internet access for low income people."  Therese Schier, website administrator.