Chatswood NSW

auCD, with the support of Willoughby City Council, was pleased to invite Chatswood and surrounding Sydney suburbs to a free information workshop on developing a community website using a Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN).  The workshop was held at the Dougherty Community Centre in Chatswood on the 18th March, 2008.


                 Chatswood workshop 


The attendees were able to hear from Leonie Parkinson, General Manager auCD, about how auCD have been set up specifically to help them apply for their CGDN and also help promote their unique geographic home on the net. 

Phil Jenkins, Deb Anschau and Felicity Greenway of Discover Huntershill Inc, who developed and maintain for their community, were there to share their experiences first hand of developing a collaborative community website.  Their contributions to the discussions were hugely beneficial to those who attended and a great inspiration to the community members from neighbouring localities such as Castle Cove, North Sydney and Riverview.

The last contributor to the workshop was Paul Shepherd of Sensis.  He was able discuss the partnership between auCD and Sensis and how resources such as Yellow Online and Whereis (both of which are offered for free to groups involved in the CGDN initiative) can benefit their community website.  He encouraged community groups to get in touch and let them help with the free integration of these valuable resources.